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Birthdate:Jan 1
One link to rule them all!—Fanfiction, art, icons, rps, and misc.
AIM: HauntedReality
G-Chat and E-mail: charmedreality @ gmail . com
LJ: Just leave a note on any entry even if it isn't relevant!
I rarely friend-lock anything on this journal, but you are still welcome to friend me even without commenting. I may friend you back! Want more of me? Comment on any post if you want to know about my personal journal.
If you want one of my icons, it is probably fine, but please ask first unless it is something I've put in a post to share with all. I appreciate being credited.
kkm_challenge: Monthly KKM fanart/fanfiction challenge.

kkm_media: Monthly KKM multimedia challenge and archive.

kyou_kara_maou: General KKM community.

kkm_itest: Weekly KKM icon contest.

Kyou Kara Maou overview and Blood+ overview at newbieguide.

The KKM Screencap Archive.

Hunt for the Perfect Man was nominated for the 3rd Quarter 2007 by the Inuyasha FanGuild for Best Romance: Inuyasha/Kagome.

kkm_challenge: Placing.

kkm_itest: Placing.

kkm_media: Placing.

Regular application: Conrad and Murata
Matchmaking Application: Julia.
Mirror Application: Nicola.

RP History

"Anybody who likes writing a book is an idiot. Because it's impossible, it's like having a homework assignment every stinking day until it's done. And by the time you get it in, it's done and you're sitting there reading it, and you realize the 12,000 things you didn't do. I mean, writing isn't fun. It's never been fun. It's momentum, and once you get the momentum going, that's great, but it's a brutal experience in many, many ways. And when you're done, people tell you 'Well, gee, I'm not interested.''Great, I'm glad I sat down and wrote this!'" - Lewis Black

"I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write." - Voltaire

"I don't think I've ever met a designer who didn't have the instinct for self-expression. You can see it in the universal reluctance to have ideas rejected, tampered with or watered down. There's a mule-like instinct in nearly every designer—even the most accommodating and service-minded—that bristles at the command 'Oh, can you change that' and the 'Just do it like this' attitude so frequently adopted by design's paymasters—the clients. It's an instinct, inherent in all designers, that says: a little bit of my soul has gone into this and it is not going to be removed without a fight." - Adrian Shaughnessy
Many thanks to inglorious_dmk who supplied the code my journal layout is based upon! ♥

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the fandoms I write about, and I certainly do not get paid for any of this. Many of the beautiful images I've used in icons, layouts, etc. came from the wonderfulness that is Portrait of a Demon King. Miss M is responsible for some of the amazing Photoshop brushes that I have used.

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21 jump street, advertising, aladdin, alan moore, american beauty, american psycho, america’s next top model, angel, animal farm, anime, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, arrested development, avatar, ayashi no ceres, beauty and the beast, bleach, blood+, books, bravo, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, chasing amy, christopher nolan, chrno crusade, clerks, clueless, comics, count of monte cristo, cruel intentions, daria, dark angel, dark city, david bowie, deathnote, demetri martin, depeche mode, design, dogma, econoline crush, elfen lied, empire records, ender’s game, equilibrium, everwood, excalibur, fahrenheit 451, family guy, fanart, fanfic, firefly, following, fraggle rock, freakazoid!, freedom of speech, full metal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, futurama, garden state, gargoyles, gay rights, gilmore girls, graphic design, gravitation, gravity kills, great expectations, harry potter, he-man, hell’s kitchen, heroes, high fidelity, house, howimetyourmother, inuyasha, jim gaffigan, jon stewart, joss whedon, journalism, kids in the hall, kyou kara maou, labyrinth, lewis black, lion king, lost boys, memento, monk, monty python, movies, muppets christmas carol, my boys, my little ponies, mystery science theatre 3000, naruto, nine inch nails, peterpanandthepirates, phoenix, pink floyd: the wall, placebo, potc, preacher, princess bride, project runway, psych, queer as folk, robot chicken, rp, run lola run, rurouni kenshin, samurai champloo, scrapped princess, scrubs, seaquest dsv, seinfeld, serenity, sex and the city, she-ra, sin city, six feet under, skeleton warriors, snow patrol, sports night, stabbing westward, star trek, star wars, stephen lynch, studio 60, teen titans, the authority, the boys, the colbert report, the crow, the cure, the daily show, the last unicorn, the little mermaid, the office, the prestige, the watchmen, tiny toons, top chef, top design, v for vendetta, vast, veronica mars, weeds, wolf’s rain, wonderfalls, writing, x-men, xena
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