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Title: Aftermath
Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
Characters/Pairings: Bashir/Sisko
Word Count: 354
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Request: [livejournal.com profile] crystalwrenn: The hitherto staunch heterosexual Sisko is suddenly consumed with lust for the staunch heterosexual Bashir.

"Ah, Commander," Bashir began as the large door clicked into place behind him. "I have the full medical report on the contagion for you. Every trace of it has been completely irradicated now. "

"Thank you, Doctor," Sisko responded with his back turned in a dark corner of his office where he stood, gazing at nothing in particular out of the window as if it was the most important thing he could be doing. A baseball was firmly clutched in his hand and his knuckles were beginning to pale with the pressure he was applying to it. "Will that be all?"

"No, sir. I mean, yes, sir, but I did want to mention that there is no reason to be embarrassed. Many similar psychosexualtropic contagions have infected vessels and space stations in the past. There is nothing to be ashamed of and many stranger things happened…probably. Well, none that I actually witnessed or heard of personally in this particular outbreak, but I'm sure there were…"

"Thank you, Doctor," Sisko repeated much louder this time.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir." Bashir fidgeted slightly, unsure if he should simply leave at this point or wait to be dismissed.

"How complete is your medical report?"


Sisko exhaled a sigh of annoyance and defeat. "Do you recount particular encounters?"

"You mean between us?"

There was another sigh. "Yes, doctor."

"I didn't think that needed to be added to the official logs or transmitted to Starfleet. Some things under the influence of alien illnesses should remain private as long as public health isn't being sacrificed."

"I see. Thank you, doctor," he said once again, but this time his voice was sincere and even grateful. He even turned to give the other man a three-quarters view of his face.

"Of course, sir. And on a personal note, I must say I'm quite flattered. I had no idea you admired my 'tight ass' so much although I could have done without the rubbing."

This time Julian did not wait to be dismissed and the door to Sisko's office clicked shut just in time to be the thing hit by the baseball.
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